Cell Repair 4 Less is owned and operated by Joshua Gantt.

The idea of starting a cell phone repair business came into existence while working for At&t in 2010.  Prior to this, I worked for Verizon Wireless as a technician during 2006 – 2007. From 2008 – early 2011, I was a retail sales consultant at At&t, and I advanced to the senior sales consultant.

During this time at At&t, iPhone 3G and 3GS were coming out and changing the evolution of phones. I also noted that these phones, just like any other, were susceptible to problems, whether from damage or defective issues. At this time, I began to offer my customers a third party solution of repairing their devices. Many of these customers were very excited to have their screens fixed, batteries replaced, etc. instead of having to purchase a new device.

Later in 2011, I began to offer repair services to the public.  I opened my first retail location at 799 West Main Street in 2012, which is where I am currently located. Most of what I know has been self-taught through much practice and studying from others.

In August 2016, I traveled to Dallas, Texas to further my skill set and learn how to micro solder. For example, I can now replace IC’s (integrated circuits) on the logic board that go bad. This can lead to your touch screen not working or the device not charging. I can also replace connectors that occasionally get damaged, either by another repair shop or individual. Another skill I learned was how to replace faulty or damaged HDMI ports along with most charging ports.

This advanced training also extends itself to other electronic repairs as well, such as MacBook logic boards, some TV repair, PS4 HDMI ports, and many more. Even if your item isn’t listed, feel free to inquire.

At Cell Repair 4 Less, my number one goal is your satisfaction.